Table 10. Sex pheromone used for the control of rice yellow stem borer (ad hoc recommendation)

Chemical name of the pheromone 2-(z)-9-heaxadecanol 2-(z)-11-hexadecemol in 1:3 identified from female moths
Sex attracted Male moths
Description of the trap Sleeve trap with pheromone loaded rubber septa
Uses Pest monitoring: 3 traps can be fixed in a triangular fashion at about 80 m apart
Mating confusion
Number of traps required/ha Twenty
Sources of availability Entomology Department, Directorate of Rice Research, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad.
Ecomax Agrosystems 302, Faigha Plaza Basher Bagh, Hyderabad.
Dr. David Hall and Dr. Allen Cork, Natural Resources Institute, Kent ME4, 4TB, United Kingdom.
The Managing Director, Som IPM System (India) Ltd., Plot No.101 1 Floor, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad.


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